Status: Available

OmTech 80W 20x28 NEW

$3,600 (USD) Brand: Orion Motor Tech
Ringwood, NJ US Model: SH-G570
Condition: New Year: 2021
Category CO2 Machines

New auto focus 80W 20x28 laser from OmTech. We are so excited to dive into this but our life just took an unexpected turn and we’re heartbroken to part with it so soon. We will definitely be seizing the opportunity in the future when life allows. This machine was just delivered on 02/10/2022 and the air vent hasn’t even been connected. We have not had a chance to align the mirrors yet. It has only been used to connect the water (aquarium heater included) and turn on the laser to see it flow. It’s a beautiful machine. I’ll include the materials I bought hoping to begin testing.

Specification Values
Focus Auto Focus
Work bed 20” x 28”
Engraving area 500 x 700 mm
Net weight 331 lbs
Cutting speed 0-80 mm/s
Engraving speed 0-500 mm/s
Z depth 10” (11” max)